Story-telling Session: Getting Lost and Being Found

Sunday, January 08, 2017

As I am writing this, I'm still at the stage of procrastination. My bags are still full and I have unpacked nothing, but a few everyday devices which I would need to survive this weekend. In case you're wondering why I need to survive, I moved to a different house last Friday (6th of January), and I finally have my own room. It has its perks, of course, but I do miss the noise, the crazy, the hugs and the amazing people I always look forward to seeing after a long day at work. After all, these are the people I lived with for almost a year. How can you not miss them? So like my normally crazy self would do, I decided to drop by the house after work so as to say my proper goodbyes and to take my bicycle with me to the new place. After about an hour of inappropriate normal conversation, I decided to say my goodbyes and take my bike for a spin, because why not? We can do this.

Boy, was I wrong!?

Obviously, since my phone died throughout this whole trip, I don't have any photos to use as proof at all. Hopefully, you can enjoy the view of Fremantle instead. It is not anywhere near where I live, but I still think it's a pretty awesome place. Plus, I got a ton of stock photos of Freo so might as well put it to good use. Right?

Not only did my phone's battery die in the midst of the ride, I ended up going around the same street three times which was surprising because I never knew that my navigation skill was that bad until it was staring me right in the face. It was like, what!? Do you believe me now?

Moving forward, halfway through the ride, I just had no idea how to get to my new house. My phone was dead, the sun has set, the moon was taking over and I do not have lights - at all, in any form. Since my back was starting to ache, my legs were getting sore and the unknown territory started looking like a foreign land filled with fast cars and dead bikers, I decided to ask a passerby who was crossing the road I am obviously stuck in. He stopped, gave me the biggest smile and then proceeded to tell me that he had no idea where the street I need to be is. We shall now rejoice! I am officially lost.

Remember that time when I told you that getting lost helps us find ourselves? This was not it.

So upon passing by what seemed like a gigantic park, I decided to ask if I am still going in the right direction because yes, I just kept going after being told by the first stranger that he had no idea where I am or if I am even on the right path. Luckily, the hanging man - the man was hanging upside down on some monkey bars at the park (No, I don't know the answer why. I didn't bother asking him. I was too busy looking nice so they would actually believe that I'm lost and not an Asian-looking thug who is about to go machine-gun bruce-lee on them)

- knew where we were. The man confirmed that I was in the right direction and that, all I needed to do was to keep going. So I did! And boy, that hill was not easy! He could've warned me about the steep slope, but no... And the ride down seemed like a roller-coaster accident waiting to go bazooka on me as well. The man told me of a landmark I should keep my eyes open for, but it's either it went hollow man on me or my eyes were not as good as it used to be. By the time I realized where I am, I knew that I am in an entirely different part of town.

Pulling off the sweetest face I could muster, I asked a couple if they knew the place I was headed. The woman, Evelyn, started telling me which way to go and which paths are safer for cycling. Her partner, Patrick, proceeded to suggest alternative routes as well. Being the amateur that I am, they must have read on my face that I had no idea what they were talking about since they decided to drop me off instead. I was struck!

Evelyn asked me where I was off to and when she realized that we were headed the same way, she didn't even think twice. She just up and asked me if I wanted a lift. It was getting dark and the streets were about to get nasty and probably slightly obscene, so you can't really blame me for accepting the offer. Plus, would I miss a chance in getting to know strangers? YES!

This was a different situation.

Evelyn was pretty casual. She asked me where I lived and what I have been up to- basic stuff. Patrick kept quiet all the while. We were walking to where they parked their car when she made a remark about how adorable my bicycle looked. Around this time, two police officers ran around and in between us to get to their car while balancing their cup of coffees. It was funny to see how Evelyn noted that despite the "emergency", these two police officers still made sure that their coffee will make it to the car in one-piece. I naturally responded by noting that they even took a sip before starting up the car to which she laughed so graciously.

Moving on, we arrived at where they parked their car and Patrick helped put my bike in the trunk. Actually, I didn't do anything so he technically did it all by himself. Evelyn told me to hop in and we were on our way. During the ride, Evelyn asked about my whereabouts and I asked her about her travels as she has mentioned it during our walk. Afterward, she talked about how she's lived in the area for ages, so she knows it like the back of her hand. She also shared some facts about herself and where her partner came from (he's a Kiwi- we're not referring to a fruit, people).

By this time, I just went speechless. They trusted me- a stranger. I wanted to know more about this couple, but I couldn't believe the kindness they have done to me that I was left flabbergasted. My brain refused to function. I don't even know if they have a kid or if they live nearby. I don't know anything at all- what they do or what they don't do. All I know is that they bought about four to six boxes of cereal and they ate at Pinto's that night (if I even spelled that correctly). Next thing you know, we were a few steps away from my place. I didn't know how to thank them so I just wrote this story instead. Because how often will you find a stranger help you at your time of need? Most of all, how often will you have a stranger extend their hand in ways that you can't even imagine? It's a rare quality and I'm glad I stumbled upon it.

So yes, I didn't find myself this time around. I found something even more beautiful. I found kindness and selflessness in ways that you can only expect from the movies. It was a first-hand experience of how incredible people can be if we give them a chance. So, take chances! Risk getting hurt. You can't say that you've lived if you've never been hurt. Society can be harsh, but it's moments like this that make us remember why living is worth it.

To Evelyn and Patrick, thank you so much for your help. You may not ever see this, but I hope that you know that a stranger is thankful to have stumbled upon your kind hearts. I wish you a remarkable and an unforgettable adventure, wherever life takes you.

Again, thank you!

And to you guys, cheers! Let's make 2017 a great one. Always.


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